17,000+ Dead: Aid Convoy Reaches Syria-Turkey Earthquake Victims Despite Difficulties

The death toll from the devastating earthquake that struck the Turkey-Syria border region on Friday has surpassed 17,000, according to the latest updates. The magnitude 7.5 earthquake has caused massive destruction in both countries, leaving thousands of people homeless and in dire need of aid.

The first convoy of aid is making its way to the affected areas despite difficulties, according to the BBC News. The convoy, organized by the United Nations, crossed the Turkey-Syria border on Sunday, carrying much-needed supplies for the victims of the earthquake.

CNN reported that hundreds of bodies have been delivered to the affected areas as part of the first UN aid convoy. The convoy was able to cross the border thanks to an agreement between Turkey and Syria.

The Washington Post reported that the death toll has now passed 17,000, with the majority of the casualties in Turkey. The earthquake was felt in several countries in the region, including Lebanon, Iraq, and Israel.

Al Jazeera English reported that the first UN convoy since the earthquake entered northwest Syria from Turkey on Sunday. The convoy is carrying vital supplies, including food, water, and medical supplies, to those affected by the disaster.

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