3M requests delay in ‘forever chemicals’ trial to settle PFAS water contamination lawsuit, prompting settlement talks

The 3M company and a Florida city have been granted a delay in their trial involving “forever chemicals,” also known as PFAS, which have contaminated local water sources. The delay was approved by a U.S. judge, allowing for settlement talks to take place. The Wall Street Journal reports that the talks have prompted the delay request in the 3M PFAS trial. The chemicals, which were used in a variety of products including firefighting foam and nonstick cookware, have been linked to various health risks, including cancer and developmental problems. This case is one of several across the country involving PFAS contamination, with this particular suit focusing on water sources. Despite the delay, a bellwether trial involving the same chemicals is set to proceed as scheduled. The Star Tribune reports that a settlement appears to be near for 3M in the delayed trial. The company has been accused of knowingly contaminating the drinking water of millions with PFAS. The delay will allow for further negotiations to take place, with both parties hoping to find a resolution to the ongoing issue of PFAS contamination.