5-year-old and 8-year-old watch as dad stabs mom with kitchen knife then sets her on fire

DICKSON, TN – A Tennessee man faces charges including attempted murder after he allegedly stabbed his wife multiple times and left her in their burning home, suffering from severe injuries. According to an announcement from the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation, Zachary Mowel, 28, was arrested and charged with first-degree attempted murder, aggravated arson, aggravated domestic-related assault, and domestic assault.

The horrific incident took place in Dickson, a town located on the outskirts of the Nashville metropolitan area. Responding to an emergency call, firefighters rushed to the couple’s residence on North Charlotte Street on Monday evening. An investigation by local police, supported by state agents, uncovered that Mowel had assaulted his wife before setting their house ablaze.

Adding devastating details to the case, the victim’s sister claimed the nature of the attack was far more brutal than initially reported. A GoFundmit launched by Tori Ila Elizabeth Trotter, the victim’s twin sister, has surfaced online, seeking assistance with medical costs and lost income following the deliberate assault. The crowdfunding appeal revealed chilling actions allegedly committed by Mowel, claiming he stabbed his wife multiple times with a kitchen knife, struck her repeatedly, doused her in gasoline, set her on fire, and then abandoned her to die, all while their two young children witnessed the terrifying scene.

Miraculously, the victim, identified as Tessa Mowel, survived and is presently recovering at Vanderbilt University Medical Center in Nashville, where she remains in a stable condition. Trotter detailed her sister’s injuries, noting that she had third-degree burns, was paralyzed from the waist down, suffered a collapsed lung, multiple fractures, and stab wounds. The recuperation period is expected to exceed a year, during which Trotter has taken custody of the children.

The aftermath of the violence was emphasized by the discovery of first responders who found Tessa with a knife still lodged in her. While the specific motives for the attack remain undisclosed, the victim did inform the police of a quarrel with her husband that escalated. Law enforcement shared that Mowel admitted to the crime upon their arrival at the scene of the fire.

Zachary Mowel is currently detained at the Dickson County Jail, with his bond set at $765,000.