64-year-old man murdered when he steps in to stop man beating his girlfriend

ORLANDO, FL – A family celebration turned into a nightmare when Donald Storie, 64, intervened in what he perceived as a violent altercation and was fatally injured. Storie was reported to have been out commemorating his daughter’s engagement on March 31 when he witnessed a man assaulting a woman in downtown Orlando. His efforts to assist the woman resulted in him receiving a fatal punch.

The Orange County Sheriff’s Department attributes the death of Storie to 27-year-old Jordan De’Ante Talley, who has been charged with manslaughter in connection to his death and domestic battery for the attack on his girlfriend. The altercation took place in the early morning hours near the intersection of Robinson Street and Magnolia Avenue.

Authorities have based their charges, in part, on surveillance footage, which is believed to depict Talley violently handling a female companion. Allegedly, the video shows him dragging her by her hair and throwing her to the ground multiple times, preventing her from walking away.

As the distressing scene unfolded, Storie, concerned for the woman’s welfare, approached the couple, reportedly saying, “That’s not right,” an assertion based on court documentation. What the camera did not capture clearly was the moment when Storie seemingly fell backward after an encounter with Talley.

The monitoring of the video later enabled law enforcement to trace a vehicle involved back to the female victim, which she shared with Talley in Georgia. In speaking with the woman, she recounted to officers her attempts to evade Talley that night amid celebrations for her birthday. Though her memory was clouded by alcohol, she recalled Talley had punched Storie after they squared off.

Investigators presented Talley with the video evidence during a post-Miranda interview, to which he admitted his presence in Orlando for his girlfriend’s birthday. He originally claimed to be helping his intoxicated girlfriend to their car and suggested that Storie had appeared ready to fight. However, this was disputed by the video evidence. Ultimately, Talley conceded he had not seen Storie raise his fists, contradicting his initial claim. The records state Talley admitted to punching Storie, rendering him unconscious, but did not express any fear for his life or safety.

Sadly, Storie succumbed to his injuries on April 23, just weeks before what would have been his 65th birthday. The incident has left a family mourning the unforeseen loss of a loved one and highlighted the ramifications of intervening in volatile public situations.

Storie’s act of bravery now shines a spotlight on the risks associated with stepping into altercations as a family grieves the tragic outcome of what began as a joyous life event.