70-year-old mom stabbed to death after telling 47-year-old son to turn down PlayStation

GOFFSTOWN, NH – A New Hampshire man has been sentenced to spend at least four decades in prison for the gruesome murder of his mother, an act that culminated from an altercation over the loud volume of a video game.

Thomas Humphrey, 47, received a 40-year to life sentence at the New Hampshire Superior Court on Tuesday for the murder of Linda Tufts, 70. The presiding judge, William Delker, described the killing as one of the most barbaric acts he had encountered throughout his judicial career.

On December 4, 2023, an argument over the noise level of a video game resulted in Humphrey stabbing his mother over 20 times, almost severing her head. Humphrey, who was residing in his mother’s basement, murdered Tufts soon after she gifted him a PlayStation console for his birthday.

In a heinous turn, Humphrey set fire to his mother’s body, an act that earned him an additional charge of felony arson. While the sentencing for the arson was suspended to five to 10 years, it is set to follow consecutively after the life sentence for the murder.

When first responders arrived at the Goffstown home around 2:20 p.m. on the day of the crime, they discovered an active blaze. Tufts was found deceased with multiple stab wounds after the extinguishment of the fire. Humphrey was also found in the dwelling, injured by self-inflicted stab wounds and holding a knife.

Neighbors indicated that Tufts and her husband had previously expelled Humphrey from their residence but had allowed him to return shortly before the tragic incident. Tufts’ husband was at work when the murder happened.

As he begins his lengthy prison term, Humphrey’s actions have not only devastated a family but also shocked a community.