85-Year-Old Florida Woman Dragged to Her Death by 10-Foot Alligator While Walking Dog

An 85-year-old Florida woman was tragically killed by a 10-foot alligator while walking her dog at a lake in St. Lucie County.

According to reports from the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission (FWC), the woman was dragged into the water by the alligator. Witnesses described the attack as “lurking at the bottom of the lake”.

The woman was identified as 85-year-old Martha Morrell, a resident of the area. She was walking her dog near the lake when the alligator attacked.

The FWC said they are investigating the incident and are searching for the alligator. They are also warning people to stay away from the lake and to be aware of their surroundings when near bodies of water.

This is the second alligator attack in Florida this year. In April, a man was attacked while swimming in a lake near Tampa.

Our thoughts are with the family and friends of Martha Morrell during this difficult time.