900,000 Without Power: US Heartland Braces for Winter Storms, Travel Chaos

A powerful winter storm has caused more than 900,000 power outages across the United States, with more snow, icing and blizzard conditions expected in the coming days. The storm has caused school closures and grounded flights in the U.S. heartland, as well as prompting weather alerts for over 75 million Americans.

The ice storm has triggered travel chaos and left nearly 1 million people without power. 36 states have been placed on alert as the winter storms move in.

In response to the storm, many states have declared a state of emergency and power companies have been working around the clock to restore power.

The storm is expected to last for several days, with the National Weather Service warning of hazardous road conditions and power outages in some areas.

Residents are urged to take safety precautions and check local forecasts for updates.