91% of Companies Continue 4-Day Workweek After Successful Trial: Here’s Why!

In a recent trial, companies around the world have been testing out a four-day work week. The results of the trial have been overwhelmingly positive, with 91% of companies deciding to continue with the four-day work week.

More than 60 companies participated in the trial, and the results show that 92% of them are continuing with the four-day work week. The shorter work week has been credited with making employees happier and more productive.

Maxine Selmer-Olsen, an expert in workplace productivity, commented on the trial results. She said, “The results of the trial are very encouraging and show that a four-day work week can be beneficial for both employees and employers. It can help reduce stress and improve morale, while also increasing productivity.”

The trial has been met with enthusiasm from employees and employers alike. Many companies have said they don’t want to stop the four-day work week, and are looking for ways to make it a permanent part of their business.

Overall, the trial has been a success and is a testament to the positive impact a four-day work week can have on productivity and employee wellbeing.