“Adani Group’s $1.87 Billion US Deal Sparks Investment Surge, Qantas to Add 8500 Roles in Post-Pandemic Rebuild”

Indian conglomerate Adani Group has struck a $1.87 billion deal with US-based Digital Realty to expand its data center business. This move comes amid reports of the company’s financial troubles and controversial projects in Australia. According to analysts, the deal will help Adani Group improve its balance sheet and take advantage of the growing demand for data storage and processing services in India’s fast-growing digital economy. The company plans to develop several data center facilities across India, with the first center to be built in Greater Mumbai.

In other news, US-based investment firm GQG has invested $1.9 billion in Adani companies, highlighting the growing interest of international investors in the Indian conglomerate. This investment comes as Adani Group faces criticism and legal challenges over several environmental and social issues related to its projects. However, Adani Group stocks have been rising steadily in recent weeks, boosted by investments from both domestic and foreign investors.

Meanwhile, Australian airline Qantas has announced plans to recruit 8,500 employees as part of its post-pandemic rebuild. The move comes as the airline industry slowly recovers from the devastating impact of the pandemic on travel demand. However, with ongoing concerns about new variants of COVID-19 and the slow pace of vaccine distribution, the industry remains uncertain.

These developments reflect the ongoing impact of the pandemic and the changing nature of global business. As companies adapt to new challenges and opportunities, the landscape of the global economy continues to shift. Adani Group’s expansion into the data center business represents a strategic move to diversify its business and tap into the growing demand for digital services. Similarly, Qantas’ recruitment plans demonstrate the ongoing need for talent and expertise in the airline industry, despite the uncertainty and disruption caused by the pandemic.