Alabama Star Brandon Miller Brought Gun Used in Fatal Shooting, Per Police Testimony

University of Alabama basketball star Brandon Miller has been accused of providing a gun used in a fatal shooting of former NBA player Darius Miles. According to police testimony, Miller purchased the gun second-hand and brought it to a gathering which resulted in the shooting.

The incident has sparked controversy as to whether Miller should be held accountable for his involvement. ESPN reports that Miller delivered the gun to the shooting, while Yahoo Sports claims that Miller could have stopped the tragedy from occurring.

The Spurs have been mentioned in conversations surrounding the incident, as Air Alamo reports that Miller should be taken off the Spurs’ radar for his alleged role in the death of Jamea Harris.

CBS Sports has provided full coverage of the story, with updates on the investigation and details of the shooting.

The incident has raised questions about the responsibility of athletes in similar situations, and the legal ramifications they may face.

At this time, Miller has not been charged with any crime.