Alex Murdaugh Trial: Uncovering the ‘Smoking Gun’ in South Carolina Courtroom

The trial of Alex Murdaugh, accused of the double homicide of two people in South Carolina, is currently underway. The prosecution has presented evidence of Murdaugh’s involvement in the murders, including a timeline of events on the night of the murders.

The prosecutor has attempted to prove that Murdaugh was present at the scene of the crime, and has highlighted inconsistencies in his testimony. A body language expert has pointed out what they believe to be a “smoking gun” from Murdaugh’s testimony on the stand.

Meanwhile, mortgage rates have risen for the third straight week, potentially affecting the outcome of the trial.

The jury is expected to render a verdict soon, and the case has been closely followed by news outlets across the country. For those interested in the trial, a full coverage of the events can be found on USNN.