Alex Murdaugh’s Double Murder Trial: Judge Asked to Limit Prosecutors’ Questions on Cross-Examination

Alex Murdaugh, the defendant in a double murder trial, is nearing the end of his trial in a South Carolina courtroom. On Tuesday, his lawyers asked the judge to limit the questions prosecutors can ask if Murdaugh takes the stand in his own defense.

The trial has been filled with emotional testimony from Murdaugh’s brother, Buster, who testified about the murders of their mother and brother. He tearfully described how the murders had “destroyed” Alex and said he believed his brother was innocent.

Prosecutors have been attempting to prove that Murdaugh shot and killed his wife and her brother in April 2020. On Tuesday, a defense witness testified that Murdaugh was too tall to have been the shooter.

The trial has been streamed live and updates have been provided throughout the day.

The jury is expected to reach a verdict soon. For full coverage, visit USNN.