Amazon Shifts Focus to Dash Carts, Abandoning Just Walk Out System in Grocery Stores

Seattle, WA – Amazon is making significant changes to its brick-and-mortar grocery stores, shifting away from its Just Walk Out program in favor of Dash Carts. With this new system, customers will be able to scan products as they place them in their cart, eliminating the need for a formal checkout process.

According to reports, Amazon is discontinuing the Just Walk Out program in larger stores while enhancing the overall shopping experience ahead of the expansion of Amazon Fresh locations later this year. Despite acquiring Whole Foods in 2017, the e-commerce giant has faced challenges in mastering in-person retail, leading to the closure of various physical store formats over the years.

By transitioning to Dash Carts, Amazon is simplifying the self-checkout process by integrating scanners and touchscreens onto shopping carts, a concept that has been tested by other retailers in both the US and Europe. Customers will also have the option to check out using a palm scanner, offering the convenience of keeping a running total while shopping.

Although the new system may be simpler, less error-prone, and more cost-effective than its previous computer vision approach, Amazon is still likely to encounter obstacles. The company had initially used cameras and sensors to track customer purchases but has since shifted to radio-frequency identification (RFID) technology. The adoption of palm-scanning technology may raise concerns among consumers, but some may find it preferable to the previous reliance on cameras and artificial intelligence.

Overall, Amazon’s decision to streamline the checkout process with Dash Carts reflects a broader trend in the retail industry toward enhancing convenience and efficiency for customers. While the shift may represent a departure from the company’s initial strategy, it underscores Amazon’s ongoing efforts to innovate and adapt to changing consumer preferences in the competitive retail landscape.