“Apple Faces Technical Hurdles and Disappoints Fans: iPhone 15 Pro to Ditch Solid-State Buttons”

Apple’s iPhone 15 Pro is facing technical issues that may force the company to abandon solid-state buttons, according to reports. While these buttons were expected to be a major selling point for the new device, it appears that they are causing more trouble than they are worth. Reports suggest that this decision has already affected supplier stock, with shares dropping by 12%.

Many tech enthusiasts were eagerly anticipating the new solid-state buttons, which were touted for their increased durability and reliability compared to traditional buttons. However, it seems that Apple may have overpromised and underdelivered with this feature.

The news has disappointed some fans, who have been looking forward to the iPhone 15 Pro’s release. One fan told iMore that they were “bummed” about the news, since they had been looking forward to the solid-state buttons more than any other feature.

Meanwhile, others are questioning whether the iPhone 15 Pro is losing its allure. An op-ed in iMore asks if the new device is “just getting boring” now that it won’t feature the highly touted solid-state buttons.

The news has also had an impact on Apple’s suppliers. Cirrus Logic, a company that creates audio components for Apple products, saw its shares drop after an analyst remarked on the situation.

At this point, it remains unclear whether Apple will find a way to incorporate solid-state buttons into the iPhone 15 Pro, or if the feature will be abandoned altogether. As fans and investors alike wait for more information, many are left wondering what other surprises the tech giant has in store for its upcoming release.