Apple Vision Pro Challenges Meta in Virtual Reality Arms Race

Virtual reality has become the latest battleground in the ongoing rivalry between tech giants Apple and Meta (formerly known as Facebook). According to a report by CNN, the two companies are now competing in the virtual reality space, with Meta’s Quest Pro and Apple’s Vision Pro headsets vying for market dominance.

The Vision Pro headset, which was recently reviewed by The New York Times, comes with a hefty price tag of $3500. However, early reviews suggest that it is a high-quality product that could give Meta’s Quest Pro a run for its money.

CNBC’s review of the Vision Pro mixed-reality headset gave it high marks, saying that “the graphics are incredible and the technology is impressive.” The headset allows users to interact with virtual objects in a natural and intuitive way, with hand gestures and voice commands.

Mixed Reality News, however, was more skeptical of the Vision Pro’s capabilities, questioning whether it really offers “seamless spatial computing.” The site notes that, while the headset is impressive, it may not be as user-friendly as Apple claims.

Despite these varying opinions, Tom’s Guide claims that the Vision Pro is ultimately the better choice for consumers, offering “7 ways” in which it beats the Meta Quest Pro. These include better hardware, superior software, and a more seamless user experience.

The battle between Apple and Meta in the virtual reality space is far from over, as both companies continue to develop and refine their products. However, it seems clear that the Vision Pro is a major contender in this highly competitive market.