Astounding Discovery: Forbidden Planet Outside Our Solar System Could Be Five Times the Size of Earth!

Astronomers have made a groundbreaking discovery of a ‘forbidden planet’ outside of our solar system. The massive planet orbits a strangely tiny star, only 4 times its size.

The discovery of the planet, which has been named EPIC 211945201b, challenges existing theories about the formation of gas giants. According to the research, the ‘forbidden planet’ is between two and five times the size of Earth.

“This is the first time we’ve found a planet of this size orbiting a star this small,” said Dr. Fabo Feng, lead author of the study. “It’s a very strange system, and it’s going to challenge our ideas of how planetary systems form and evolve.”

The researchers believe that the planet formed in a different way than most gas giants. Instead of forming from a disc of dust and gas, it is thought to have been formed by the coalescence of smaller objects, such as asteroids and comets.

The discovery of EPIC 211945201b could have major implications for our understanding of planet formation and evolution. Further research is needed to confirm the findings, but the discovery is sure to be a major step forward in our understanding of the universe.