Attorney Accused of Impersonating Vet Inspector in Bizarre Attempt to Retrieve Seized Dogs

Graham, North Carolina – A peculiar development unfolded in the case involving dogs rescued from a severe animal cruelty incident earlier this year. Over 150 dogs were saved from appalling conditions in Chatham County, prompting accusations against the suspect’s attorney for attempting to disguise herself while trying to reclaim some of the dogs.

The state moved to disqualify attorney Taylor Dant from the case after an incident at the Animal Rescue Corps in Gallatin, Tennessee. This agency, located about 30 miles northeast of Nashville, was involved in the care of the rescued dogs. Dant, based in Graham, North Carolina, is representing Alicia Culberson, who faces multiple charges of animal cruelty.

According to court documents, Dant allegedly disguised herself as a veterinarian inspector during a visit to the Animal Rescue Corps on April 29. However, the director of the shelter, Michael Cunningham, described the encounter as bizarre, mentioning that Dant showed up in hospital scrubs, latex gloves, a fanny pack, and a clipboard.

Cunningham recounted the peculiar situation where Dant was confronted by a volunteer and attempted to serve him with a subpoena. Despite Dant’s defense that she was not pretending to be a veterinarian, the manner in which she presented herself raised suspicions, especially given her desire to retrieve two dogs for transport to Graham, North Carolina.

While Dant insists that she did not receive any formal notification to dismiss her from the case, the events surrounding her visit to Tennessee before the scheduled release of the dogs by the rescue group have caused significant concern. The rescued dogs, initially from homes in Bear Creek, North Carolina, have since undergone rehabilitation efforts by Animal Rescue Corps before being placed in new homes.

The investigation that led to the rescue of 44 dogs, including six deceased ones, from Culberson’s property on January 28 resulted in her facing ten counts of animal cruelty. Concerns raised by a citizen about the animals’ welfare prompted deputies to intervene, revealing distressing conditions involving issues like starvation, dehydration, severe matting, and malnutrition among the dogs.

Deputies noted the varying conditions of the dogs upon intake, citing problems such as parasites, malnutrition, and overall poor health. The surviving dogs received essential veterinary care at the Chatham County Sheriff’s Office’s Animal Resource Center, marking a more compassionate chapter in their lives after enduring such neglect and suffering.