Bank of America Corporation Shares Strategy for Explosive Growth at US Financials, Payments & CRE Conference Call on June 11, 2024 – Click here to find out more about BAC’s innovative approach to market domination and revenue acceleration presented by Dean Athanasia, President of Regional Banking.

Charlotte, North Carolina – Bank of America Corporation participated in the Morgan Stanley US Financials, Payments & CRE Conference Call on June 11, 2024. Dean Athanasia, the President of Regional Banking at Bank of America, joined the call to discuss the company’s strategies and outlook.

During the conference call, Athanasia highlighted the importance of the company’s strategy in the US market, focusing on their wide range of business lines spanning from consumer to small business to business banking. He emphasized the goal of being a local presence in all markets and ensuring each line of business is successful and growing.

In terms of consumer health, Athanasia mentioned that consumers still have healthy balances in their checking accounts, with an increase in savings post-pandemic. He noted that clients are spending consistently, with a slight decrease in spending rates compared to the previous year. Athanasia also highlighted the return to normalcy in credit card usage and rational spending behavior among consumers.

Regarding small businesses, Athanasia discussed the varying demand for borrowing across different segments, with more demand seen on the lower end and a slight decrease in demand from larger commercial clients due to corporate paydowns. He emphasized the importance of responsible growth in lending and ensuring that clients have access to the capital they need.

Athanasia also touched upon the company’s efforts in integrating different business lines to deliver full-spectrum banking for individuals, companies, and institutions. He mentioned the partnerships between consumer, small business, and wealth management divisions to provide a comprehensive range of banking services.

In terms of international expansion, Athanasia highlighted the company’s growth in international markets and its focus on providing global payment solutions to clients. He mentioned the increasing demand for real-time payments globally and the company’s investments in infrastructure to support this.

Overall, Athanasia reiterated the company’s commitment to growth, innovation, and customer service across all business lines. He emphasized the importance of digital integration, strategic partnerships, and market penetration to drive revenue growth and operating leverage for Bank of America.