Banker Punches Woman at Brooklyn Pride Event – Full Story Revealed Now!

Brooklyn, New York – Jonathan Kaye, a millionaire investment banker, surrendered to authorities on Monday after being accused of assaulting a woman at a Brooklyn Pride event. The incident, captured on camera, showed the victim falling to the ground after being attacked back on June 8. The 52-year-old Kaye is facing charges of assault, menacing, and harassment in connection with the altercation.

Following the release of the footage online, leaflets with Kaye’s photos appeared in the upscale Park Slope neighborhood where he resides with his family in a four-bedroom townhouse. Amid mounting outrage, Kaye resigned from his position at the Manhattan-based Moelis & Co. investment bank.

When leaving the NYPD’s 78th Precinct, Kaye faced protesters who heckled him, claiming he had engaged in violent behavior. One protester attempted to shove Kaye but ended up pushing his lawyer instead before fleeing the scene in a black van.

Kaye’s attorney defended his actions, stating that he acted in self-defense when confronted by an anti-Israel LGBTQ group that allegedly surrounded him and threw liquids at him. The attorney emphasized that Kaye was terrorized and assaulted by the protesters and only sought to protect himself and return to his family.

Despite claims by the alleged victim that Kaye instigated the attack, Kaye’s legal team presented evidence suggesting that he was provoked by the group before the physical altercation occurred. New video footage of the incident from a different perspective emerged, revealing previously unseen moments leading up to the alleged assault.

Kaye was released without bail at his arraignment, with his next court date scheduled for August 23. His attorney expressed hope that the District Attorney would thoroughly consider the facts and the rise of anti-Semitic acts in the city during the legal proceedings. The legal team vowed to fight for justice and seek full vindication for their client.