Beloved Camelback High School Teacher and Coach Remembered One Year After Tragic Murder

Phoenix, Arizona – Camelback High School is still reeling from the tragic loss of their beloved substitute teacher and track coach, David Denogean, who was murdered while walking his dog a year ago near 12th St and Maryland Avenue. Family and friends are still grappling with the senseless act of violence that took the life of a man who was known for his kindness and larger-than-life personality.

Despite a year passing, the case remains unsolved, and Phoenix police have only released surveillance footage of the moments leading up to the shooting. In an effort to keep the case in the public eye, the Denogean family is hosting a vigil on 12th Street and Maryland Avenue to honor David’s memory and to raise awareness about the ongoing investigation. With no leads in the case, the family has also initiated a fundraising campaign to increase the reward for any information leading to an arrest.

Frank Denogean, David’s father, expressed his bewilderment at why anyone would want to harm his son, describing him as someone who would “bear hug people” and was known for his gentle nature. For them, keeping David’s memory alive and seeking justice for his untimely death is paramount.

As the community gathers to remember David, the family hopes that the vigil will reignite interest in the case and prompt anyone with information to come forward. The Denogean family’s unwavering determination to seek justice and remember David’s impact on their lives and the community serves as a reminder of the enduring pain and unanswered questions surrounding this tragic event.

One year after the tragic murder of David Denogean, his family and friends continue to seek justice and keep his memory alive. With the case still unsolved, they are hosting a vigil to honor David’s life and raise awareness about the ongoing investigation. The family is also fundraising to increase the reward for any information leading to an arrest. Despite the passage of time, the community remains committed to finding answers and ensuring that David’s legacy is not forgotten.