Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez Surprise Dunkin’ Donuts Customers in Super Bowl Ad!

Super Bowl Sunday was full of surprises, and one of the biggest was Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez’s surprise appearance in Dunkin’ Donuts’ Super Bowl ad. The ad featured Affleck playing a Dunkin’ Donuts employee, surprising customers in a drive-thru with Lopez.

In the outtakes of the ad, Affleck could be seen playing the role of an employee, with Lopez adding her own comedic flair. Affleck even revealed his own coffee order: a medium iced coffee with cream and sugar.

The ad was a hit with viewers in Boston and New England, where Dunkin’ Donuts is a beloved brand. The commercial also featured a few of the region’s favorite celebrities, including Boston Red Sox pitcher Chris Sale and New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady.

For Dunkin’ Donuts, the ad was a success. The company reported that after the commercial aired, sales of its iced coffee and donuts rose significantly.

The ad was a hit with viewers across the country, as it was one of the most talked about commercials of the night. Affleck and Lopez’s surprise appearance was a welcome addition to the Super Bowl ad lineup, and it definitely made the night more memorable.