Biden Addresses Unidentified Aerial Objects, US Analyzes Chinese Spy Balloon Possibility

President Joe Biden gave a speech on Tuesday regarding recent unidentified aerial objects (UFOs) that have been spotted in the skies across the United States.

The speech followed news that the U.S. tracked a Chinese spy balloon for a week before it drifted across the country. According to CNN, U.S. intelligence is assessing the possibility that the balloon’s path over the U.S. was accidental.

In his speech, Biden did not address the Chinese spy balloon, or any other potential foreign threats, instead focusing on the need for more research into the UFO phenomenon. He said that the government should take the sightings seriously and that the public deserves to know the truth.

However, some have criticized Biden’s silence on the Chinese spy balloon and other potential threats, with Fox News arguing that “China is already at war with America and the Biden administration is ignoring the signposts.”

The Biden administration has yet to comment on the Chinese spy balloon, or other potential foreign threats. For now, the focus remains on UFOs and the need for more research into the phenomenon.