Biden and Scholz unite in “lockstep” to address Ukraine crisis and confront China: New York Times report

President Biden Holds a Bilateral Meeting with Chancellor Olaf Scholz of Germany

Washington D.C. — President Biden met with German Chancellor Olaf Scholz in the White House on Monday, November 29, to discuss the ongoing conflict in Ukraine and Germany’s growing economic ties with China.

“The United States and Germany stand in lockstep, shoulder-to-shoulder, against Russian aggression in Ukraine,” Biden said during the joint press conference. “We strongly support Ukraine’s sovereignty and territorial integrity, and we call on Russia to end its occupation of Crimea and military buildup along the Ukrainian border.”

Biden also thanked Scholz for Germany’s “profound support” and announced that they would be imposing new sanctions on Russia in response to their actions in Ukraine.

The two leaders also discussed China, with Scholz emphasizing the importance of Germany’s economic relationship with China while also acknowledging the need to address human rights abuses and promote democratic values.

“We want to work with the United States to promote fair and transparent economic relations with China, while also addressing concerns about human rights and security,” Scholz said.

The meeting between Biden and Scholz comes at a time of significant tension between Russia and Ukraine, with recent months seeing a significant escalation in military activity along the border. The conflict has drawn concern from the international community and has the potential to spiral into a wider conflict.

The meeting also comes as Germany is facing criticism from its NATO allies over its economic ties with China, which some view as a threat to Western security interests.

Despite these challenges, both Biden and Scholz emphasized the importance of the transatlantic relationship between the United States and Germany, with Biden calling Germany a “critical partner” and Scholz highlighting the importance of the relationship in building a “more peaceful and prosperous world.”