Biden Confronts Putin in Eastern NATO Meeting Over Ukraine Nuclear Warning

President Joe Biden met with eastern NATO allies in Brussels on Tuesday, after a warning from Russian President Vladimir Putin of a nuclear arms race.

The meeting comes at a time of heightened tensions between the United States and Russia, with Biden challenging Putin to “end the war” in Ukraine and threatening to ramp up sanctions against Russia.

The visit to Brussels also included a stop in Poland, where Biden was criticized for boasting about growing up in a Polish community. “I thought he was Puerto Rican,” one person commented on social media.

The speeches from Biden and Putin on Ukraine presented a split-screen dissonance, with Biden calling for an end to the war and Putin accusing the United States of “attempts to contain Russia.”

The latest developments have raised questions about Biden’s Ukraine policy, with some suggesting it is yet another failure.

The full scope of the situation is still unfolding, with more details expected to emerge in the coming days.