“Biden’s Bold Plan: Electric Vehicles to Make Up Two-Thirds of New Car Sales by 2032”

As part of President Biden’s commitment to combating climate change, the EPA has announced new standards to tighten vehicle emissions. The move comes as state lawmakers seek to avoid bans on gas-powered cars. This is all part of the administration’s push towards accelerating the electric vehicle movement.

The new standards are the toughest-ever car emissions rules and are aimed at forcing people to purchase electric vehicles. President Biden has set a goal of having electric vehicles make up two-thirds of new car sales in the US by 2032.

Critics have raised concerns over the potential impact on the auto industry, particularly on smaller, more affordable cars. However, supporters argue that these new standards are necessary to combat climate change and reduce harmful emissions that are causing air pollution.

The move has been met with mixed reactions from the public. Some are excited about the push towards electric vehicles and see it as a step towards a cleaner environment, while others are concerned about the cost and logistics of making the switch to electric.

The Biden administration is determined to move towards cleaner forms of transportation and combat climate change, and these new standards are just one part of their larger plan. The transition towards electric vehicles may take time, but with these new rules in place, we can expect to see a significant shift in the coming years.