“Biden’s Nuclear Submarine Deal with Australia and UK Sends Strong Message to China, Xi Talks Expected Soon”

President Biden announced a submarine deal with Australia and Britain that will provide the countries with nuclear-powered submarines, a move seen as a response to China’s growing military power in the region. The deal, called Aukus, is expected to bolster stability in the Asia-Pacific region, rather than undermine it, according to experts.

Biden also spoke about the possibility of upcoming talks with Chinese President Xi, following the submarine deal announcement. The talks are expected to take place “soon,” although no specific timeline has been given.

The Aukus deal has sent a strong message to China, with experts saying it shows the willingness of the US and its allies to take a tougher stance against China’s military ambitions. The move is likely to fuel tensions between the US and China, which are already locked in a number of disputes, including a trade war and a rivalry over technological dominance.

Overall, the Aukus deal represents a significant shift in the balance of power in the Asia-Pacific region, with the US, Australia, and Britain raising the stakes in their efforts to counter China’s growing military influence. However, it remains to be seen how China will respond to this latest development.