Black Leaders Unite to Protest Ron DeSantis and Demand Race Studies Course in Florida

Rev. Al Sharpton and other prominent Black leaders have been protesting Florida Governor Ron DeSantis’ decision to reject an Advanced Placement (AP) course on African American history.

The decision has sparked outrage among the Black community, and Sharpton has accused DeSantis of trying to “erase Black history.”

On Wednesday, Sharpton led a march to the Florida Capitol in Tallahassee to protest the decision and to call for the AP course to be reinstated.

The march was joined by other prominent Black leaders, including Jacksonville Mayor Lenny Curry and City Council President Aaron Bowman.

The protest was also joined by hundreds of other protesters, who called for the AP course to be reinstated and for DeSantis to be held accountable for his decision.

The course, which was initially approved by the state Board of Education, was later rejected by DeSantis in January.

The governor’s decision has been widely criticized, with many accusing him of trying to erase Black history and of attempting to control the curriculum in Florida’s schools.

The protest in Tallahassee is part of a wider effort by Black leaders to hold DeSantis accountable for his decision and to ensure that the AP course is reinstated.

In addition to the protest, Black leaders are also preparing for the 2024 election, in which DeSantis is expected to seek re-election.

The protest in Tallahassee is the latest in a series of protests and demonstrations against DeSantis’ decision.

It remains to be seen whether or not the protest will be successful in reversing DeSantis’ decision, but it is clear that Black leaders are determined to fight for their rights and for the right to learn about their own history.