Blinken: Cease-fire would legitimize Russian invasion of Ukraine

Antony Blinken, US Secretary of State, has warned Ukraine against agreeing to a cease-fire with Russia. Blinken called it a “Potemkin peace,” which would only serve to legitimize Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. In a recent interview, Blinken also stated that Russia’s claims of having the second-best military in the world have been undermined by their actions in Ukraine and that “many see Russia’s military as the second-strongest in Ukraine.”

Blinken also labeled Russia’s invasion of Ukraine as a “strategic failure” in a recent opinion piece for The Washington Post. He emphasizes that sustaining the conflict imposes a heavy toll on the Ukrainian people and economy, negatively affects regional stability, and jeopardizes international security.

To achieve “real peace,” Blinken argues that Ukraine requires more military support from the United States and other international partners. “We need to ensure that Ukraine has the necessary capabilities to defend itself,” he said.

The ongoing conflict between Ukraine and Russia has been a subject of international concern for years, with numerous ceasefire agreements being negotiated to no avail. Blinken’s recent warnings come as tensions between Ukraine and Russia continue to escalate, with a significant buildup of Russian troops near the Ukrainian border.