Boris Johnson’s Resignation Sends Shockwaves Through UK’s Ruling Party

Boris Johnson’s resignation shatters UK ruling party

In a shocking move, British Prime Minister Boris Johnson has resigned from his position, sending shockwaves through his Conservative Party and the country as a whole. Johnson’s exit comes after mounting pressure from his own party as well as the opposition to address issues such as Brexit and the coronavirus pandemic.

The resignation was met with mixed reactions, with Johnson’s supporters calling it a smart decision while his opponents labeled it a farce. The UK opposition has seized the moment to call for an immediate election, citing Johnson’s inability to lead the country effectively.

The ruling party is now left searching for a replacement, with many speculating that Chancellor Rishi Sunak may be the front-runner. However, the suddenness of Johnson’s exit has left many questions unanswered and the future of the party uncertain.

In response to Johnson’s resignation, transport minister Grant Shapps said that the country doesn’t miss the drama that comes with the former prime minister. “The world has moved on from Boris Johnson,” added UK Minister of State Wendy Morton.

As the fallout continues, the country braces for further uncertainty in the midst of a pandemic and unprecedented economic challenges.