Brace Yourself: Winter Storms Cause Power Outages, Travel Disruptions Across US

A powerful winter storm has brought heavy snow, icy winds, and power outages across the United States, causing travel disruptions and plunging hundreds of thousands of people into darkness.

The storm has already caused blizzard warnings in the northern states and a heat wave in the south, creating a temperature difference of over 100 degrees. 36 states are currently on alert as the storm moves in.

The worst of the storm so far has been in the Midwest and the Northeast, with over 850,000 people losing power due to the blizzard. In San Diego, the storm has brought heavy rain, gusty winds and a blizzard warning.

The storm is expected to continue for several days, with no end in sight. People are advised to stay indoors, check on their elderly neighbors, and prepare for possible power outages.

The full extent of the storm’s impact is still unclear, but the US is bracing for the worst.