Breakdown at the Parade: Danny Trejo Throws Punches in 4th of July Brawl

Los Angeles, California – Actor Danny Trejo found himself in the midst of a Fourth of July scuffle when a paradegoer allegedly threw a water balloon at his vintage convertible during the Independence Day Parade in the Sunland-Tujunga neighborhood. The incident ignited a brawl, captured on video during the LA parade route.

Trejo, an 80-year-old actor known for his role in “Machete,” was driving his baby blue Corvette along the parade route when the water balloon was launched at his windshield. In response, he jumped out of his car and attempted to punch the suspected culprit, who dodged the blow, causing Trejo to fall to the ground.

The video footage also showed two small children being pulled away from the scene as the brawl escalated between the suspect and others who joined in. Amid the chaos, the alleged water balloon thrower exchanged punches with a second man before the scuffle moved onto the sidewalk where parade spectators were gathered.

In a moment captured on video, Trejo got up from the ground, grabbed a chair, and tossed it towards the brawlers. A woman then intervened, trying to hold the actor back before others assisted in restraining him. The brawl, which lasted about 30 seconds, was eventually broken up by bystanders before police arrived at the scene.

Trejo later expressed his disapproval of the incident, calling the actions of those who threw water balloons at him “childish” and referring to them as “cowards.” Nevertheless, he confirmed that he was unharmed during the altercation. This incident occurred shortly after the actor announced the passing of his 16-year-old chihuahua, Dixie.

Despite the commotion, Trejo has remained focused on his acting career, having appeared in over 400 movies and television shows since his debut in 1985. His journey to sobriety, following a past of drug addiction and a stint in San Quentin State Prison, has been well-documented as he continues to share his story of redemption and resilience.