BREAKING: Flood of Evidence Pours In As Officials Work to Prove Murders in Gilgo Beach Case

Investigators working on the case of the Gilgo Beach killings have received a significant amount of evidence and information related to the suspect since his arrest last Thursday, according to Ray Tierney, the Suffolk County District Attorney. He stated that they believe they can prove three of the murders that the suspect, Rex Heuermann, has been charged with. Heuermann, 59, has pleaded not guilty to the killings of Melissa Barthelemy, Megan Waterman, and Amber Costello. He is also considered the prime suspect in the 2007 disappearance and killing of Maureen Brainard-Barnes, though he has not yet been charged in that case.

The arrest and execution of search warrants have led to a flood of new details and evidence, said Tierney. He mentioned that they have a description of the last person who saw Amber Costello alive, which matches Heuermann’s unique physical appearance. They also have phone and DNA evidence linking him to the crimes. Tierney revealed that Heuermann’s DNA was found on one of the bodies, while his wife’s DNA was found on two others.

The Gilgo Four are among the 11 sets of human remains that were discovered along Long Island’s South Shore between 2010 and 2011. Heuermann has been charged in connection with three of the killings so far, but investigators believe there may be more victims. Suffolk County Deputy Police Commissioner Anthony Carter stated that as they continue to gather evidence, anything is possible.

A multijurisdictional task force will continue to investigate Heuermann and the remaining unsolved cases by examining years of his activities and interviewing witnesses, said Carter. Authorities have had Heuermann on their radar for over a year and decided to make the arrest out of concern that he may have targeted another victim.

Heuermann’s arrest has brought some closure and peace to the victims’ families and has taken a violent person off the streets, according to Carter. A woman who was in a networking group with Heuermann described a chilling conversation with him about the Gilgo Beach killings, suggesting that he may have been a serial killer. The case began in 2010 when the search for a missing woman led to the discovery of the Gilgo Four and eventually 11 sets of remains along Long Island’s South Shore.

Investigators surveilled Heuermann and his family, collected DNA samples, and analyzed his phone records and credit card bills to connect him to the murders. They were able to match DNA from a hair found on a victim’s body to a DNA sample taken from a pizza crust Heuermann had discarded. They also found disturbing internet search history on his computer, including searches for information about the Gilgo investigation, violent pornography, and depictions of women being abused, raped, and killed.

Heuermann’s wife and children were out of state during the times the murders are believed to have occurred, and they are cooperating with the investigation. Carter described Heuermann’s alleged actions as among the most disturbing he has seen in his career.

While Heuermann has been arrested in connection with three of the Gilgo Beach homicides, several other cases remain unsolved. Authorities believe he is the prime suspect in the killing of Maureen Brainard-Barnes, but no charges have been made in that case. The investigation is expected to be resolved soon, according to prosecutors.