Breaking: Missing Woman Carlee Russell Found Alive and Safe, Hoover Police Investigate

Carlee Russell Found Alive and Safe, Hoover Police Report

Hoover, Ala. – In a significant development, Carlee Russell has been found alive and safe, according to a statement from Hoover Police. The authorities received a call at 10:45 p.m. notifying them that Carlee had returned home to her residence. Police immediately responded to the scene to investigate this latest development in the case. Following standard procedure, Hoover Fire medics assessed Carlee’s condition and later transported her to a local hospital for evaluation.

This news comes after a report of a missing person was filed by police in Hoover. Carlee Russell, 25, made a distress call to the Hoover 911 Center on Thursday night, reporting that she had seen a toddler on the interstate. The incident took place around 9:34 p.m. on Interstate 459 South near the John Hawkins Parkway exit. Carlee Russell, who works at the Woodhouse Day Spa in the Summit area, had been returning home when she encountered the toddler. After assessing the situation, she called a family member for assistance. Unfortunately, the line was eventually lost, leaving her whereabouts unknown.

When the police arrived at the scene, they discovered Carlee Russell’s car and personal belongings, but there was no sign of her or the toddler she encountered. The police have since released a description of Carlee Russell, stating that she was last seen wearing a black shirt, black pants, and white Nike shoes. She was also noted to have tightly braided hair, according to her parents.

Concerned and determined to find their daughter, Carlee Russell’s family organized a search effort at the Hoover Met on Friday morning. They revealed that a trucker had reported seeing Carlee’s car with the door open, with a grey vehicle parked in front of it. The family expressed their belief that the toddler they had encountered was used as bait to lure Carlee out of her vehicle. Multiple law enforcement agencies at the local, state, and federal levels are now assisting in the investigation and search for Carlee Russell.

In addition, a collective reward of $75,000 has been offered for any credible information leading to Carlee Russell’s safe return. An anonymous donor and Crime Stoppers have contributed $25,000, while Keller Williams Realty and the Birmingham Association of REALTORS have each pledged another $25,000. The search continues, and anyone with information is strongly urged to contact Detective Brad Fountain at 205-444-7562. This is a developing story, and updates will be provided as more information becomes available.