Breaking News: Multiple Women Missing and Abducted in Mexico after Crossing from Texas

Three women from Peñitas, Texas, have gone missing after traveling to Mexico recently. Reports say that the women traveled to Mexico to attend a flea market to sell clothing. The women reportedly crossed the border from Texas to Mexico, after which they went missing. The incident has prompted the FBI and local investigators to look into the matter.

The police chief of Peñitas informed the FBI of the missing women who have yet to be located. The police conducted a search for the missing women around the area and discovered that their cars were left behind at their residence.

The incident has sparked concern and panic among locals, as this isn’t the first time this has occurred. The abduction of American tourists and locals is not uncommon in Mexico. To make matters worse, the local crime rate has also surged in recent years.

The Mexican Gulf Cartel issued an apology in connection with the recent kidnapping at Matamoros, which has raised doubt over the safety and security of tourists and locals in the area. The authorities are looking into the criminal records of the victims to determine if they were involved in any criminal activity or if the abduction is just a case of mistaken identity.

The whereabouts of the three women remain unknown at this time, and the search for them is on. The local authorities are urging anyone with information regarding the disappearance of the women to come forward and help in finding them.