Breaking News: Over 5,000 Dead in Turkey-Syria Earthquake; Indian Army and US-Russian Teams Rush to Help

The death toll from the Turkey-Syria earthquake has surpassed 5,000, as search and rescue operations continue. In response to the disaster, the Indian Army has rushed to Turkey to set up a medical facility to provide aid to those affected by the earthquake.

Meanwhile, the U.S. and Russian rescue teams may come face to face as they join forces to help the earthquake-ravaged region. This could be the first time the two teams have come together in a joint effort since the Cold War.

The death toll is expected to rise as the search and rescue efforts continue. In addition, there are reports that Pakistan has denied airspace to an Indian military plane carrying humanitarian aid to Turkey.

The full extent of the damage caused by the earthquake is still being assessed. For the latest updates and information, view the full coverage on USNN.