Breaking News: Pope Francis Successfully Undergoes Second Intestinal Surgery in Two Years

Pope Francis, the leader of the Catholic Church, underwent his second intestinal surgery in just two years. The surgery took place at Rome’s Gemelli Hospital and was considered a scheduled surgical operation. The Vatican released a statement on Sunday, stating that the Pope underwent a “splenorenal shunt” procedure, which aims to relieve pressure on his colon. The statement added that the procedure was planned, and his recovery is expected to take a few days.

The Pope has been experiencing gastrointestinal issues for years, and his recent hospitalization is not the first. In 2019, he underwent a similar surgery, which he referred to as “a bit painful, but bearable.” Despite the surgery’s severity, the Pope has remained active and continued his official engagements, including the Sunday Angelus prayer.

The 84-year-old Pope’s health concerns have been a topic of discussion among the faithful, and many have extended their well wishes and prayers for his speedy recovery. The Pope’s recent surgery also came amid the pandemic’s rise in Italy, a country that has been severely affected by the virus.

The Pope’s upcoming engagements will likely depend on his recovery and ability to carry on his duties. However, the Vatican has indicated that the Pope will continue his daily activities while recovering at the hospital. The Pope’s operation also raises concerns about his long-term health, considering the appointment of a new pope will require a conclave of cardinals, where the age of the electors is taken into account.

As of now, the Pope’s condition is stable, and he is expected to make a full recovery. The news of his surgery has come as a shock to many, further highlighting the importance of taking care of one’s health, regardless of age or status.