BREAKING: President Joe Biden Under Fire for Prepped Questions Scandal, Local Radio Hosts Speak Out!

Milwaukee, Wisconsin – A local radio host revealed that he was provided a list of questions before interviewing President Joe Biden. This revelation comes after another host in Atlanta also disclosed receiving suggested questions.

Earl Ingram of CivicMedia in Wisconsin shared that he was given five questions for his interview with Biden, out of which he asked four. While some may view this practice as controversial, Ingram expressed gratitude for the opportunity to interview the President.

Similarly, Andrea Lawful-Sanders of WURD’s “The Source” in Atlanta affirmed that she received a list of eight questions from Biden’s team. She mentioned that she approved the questions sent to her, reflecting a common practice in interviews.

In response to these claims, Biden’s campaign spokesperson emphasized that interviewees often share preferred topics, and hosts are free to ask any questions. The campaign clarified that they send questions related to current events and do not impose conditions on interviewers.

Moving forward, the Biden team plans to refrain from offering suggested questions to interviewers. This decision comes after Sherwin Hughes in Milwaukee shared that there were no preconditions set by the White House in his interview with Biden.

Overall, the revelations of radio hosts being provided questions before interviewing Biden shed light on the behind-the-scenes aspects of media interactions with political figures. While some may view this practice as a way to shape narratives, others see it as a common method used in interviews with prominent individuals.