Building Collapse: New Surveillance Video Shows Support Brace Bending Prior to Crumble

Davenport Building Collapse: New Video Shows Support Brace Bend Before Tragedy

Newly released surveillance video reveals a support brace bending just before a building collapsed in Davenport, Iowa last week, killing one and injuring several others. The footage shows the brace, which was intended to provide stability to the structure, visibly contorting and giving way as the building’s brick façade began to crumble.

Despite pleas from family members of the missing, Davenport authorities have ended their search for victims in the rubble. The mother of one victim spoke out this week, describing the emotional toll of the tragedy.

Community members are coming together to support those who lost everything in the collapse. Local organizations and individuals are collecting donations and organizing fundraisers to assist those in need.

Meanwhile, some are calling for the building collapse to be treated as a crime scene. A letter to the Quad-City Times argues that the incident should be investigated as potential criminal negligence on the part of the building owners.

The investigation into the cause of the collapse is ongoing.