“California braces for another deluge as new atmospheric river storm threatens widespread flooding”

California is experiencing another atmospheric river storm that is quickly gaining steam and bringing weather hazards to northern parts of the state. The storm threatens to cause more flooding in areas still covered in snow.

The storm is gathering moisture as it heads toward Lake Tahoe, with heavy rainfall expected in some places. Despite the snow cover, some areas are at risk of flooding due to the intensity of the rainfall.

The storm has already caused flooding in some areas of California, including San Jose where residents were trapped on their roofs due to the rising water levels. The National Weather Service warns that the intensity of the storm could bring additional flooding, debris flows, and landslides.

The atmospheric river storm is expected to continue through the weekend, with the heaviest rainfall expected in the Sacramento Valley and Sierra Nevada regions. Northern California has been experiencing a particularly wet winter, with this storm adding to the already high precipitation levels.

The impact of the storm is evident in the closure of roads, cancelled flights, and school closures across the affected area. The National Weather Service and local authorities continue to monitor the situation closely and advise residents to exercise caution if they need to venture out.

Given the severity of the storm and the potential damage it may cause, Governor Gavin Newsom has declared a state of emergency to support the impacted communities. The emergency declaration ensures that state resources and assistance are readily available to those in need.