California Braces for Another Winter Storm After Historic Snow, Floods, and Cold

Residents of Southern California experienced a rare winter storm this week that brought snow, rain, and flooding to the area. USA Today reported that the storm caused stunning snowfall and required air rescues.

The storm was part of a massive winter storm system that has been moving eastward across the United States, according to Yahoo! Voices. It brought rare snow to parts of California.

Now, California is bracing for another storm due to hit this evening, reported the Daily Mail. The storm is expected to bring more historic snow, floods, and cold temperatures.

The storm has already caused several roads to close and flood across the Southland, according to the Long Beach Post. Los Angeles was even blanketed by snow in a rare storm, reported the 台北時報.

Residents are advised to stay up to date with local weather reports and take extra precautions when traveling. For more coverage on the storm, view the full coverage on USNN.