“California Governor cuts ties with Walgreens over abortion pill sales, sparking nationwide boycott”

California Governor, Gavin Newsom, announced on Tuesday that the state would no longer do business with Walgreens due to the company’s refusal to sell abortion pills. This decision follows Michael Moore’s call for a nationwide boycott of the drugstore chain.

“California is done with Walgreens,” Newsom stated in a press conference. “A company that refuses to provide basic healthcare to women in our state is not welcome in our communities.”

This announcement comes after Walgreens faced backlash for not stocking the abortion pill, with many accusing the company of “bigotry and misogyny.” In response, the company defended its decision, stating that it would only sell the medication in states where it was legal and where pharmacists had the option to opt-out of providing it.

Newsom slammed this reasoning, calling it “utter hypocrisy.” He also accused Walgreens of restricting access to healthcare for women and placing profits over people’s health.

The governor’s decision has received mixed reactions, with some praising his commitment to reproductive rights, while others have criticized him for punishing a company for exercising its legal right to opt-out of providing a medication.

Walgreens has not yet responded to Newsom’s announcement, but the company’s stock prices have already taken a hit in response to the news.