“California Mountains Trapped in Snowstorms: Stranded Residents Plead for Help as Supplies Run Low and Highways Close”

In Southern California, Snow Has Trapped People for Days

Residents in the San Bernardino Mountains have been trapped for days due to severe snowstorms. Highways leading into the mountain communities have been closed, leaving residents without access to supplies. Some homes have been without power since the storms began.

Crews have been working to get supplies to those who are stranded, but the task has not been easy. “Help us!!” one resident shouted as a supply truck approached their home.

California Governor Gavin Newsom has come under fire for leaving the state on personal travel during the winter storms. Many are criticizing his decision to leave during a time when residents are in need.

As the snow continues to fall, there are concerns about supplies running out for those trapped in the mountains. Some residents could be trapped for a week or more, depending on the weather conditions.

Officials are urging residents to stay safe and to seek help if needed. The National Guard has been called in to assist with rescue efforts and to help clear the highways. For now, residents must wait and hope that help will arrive soon.