California Officials Investigate Flight of 16 Migrants to Sacramento, Dropped at Doorstep of Church

California Officials Investigating Flight of Migrants to Sacramento

California officials are investigating after a group of 16 migrants were flown from Texas to Sacramento in a chartered private jet. The group was dropped off at the doorstep of a church in Sacramento without any advance warning.

The diocese in Sacramento has said they were not informed of the migrant’s arrival and were caught off guard when they arrived at their doorstep. The diocese is providing food and shelter for the migrants for the time being.

The flight, which was paid for by a group of anonymous donors, has raised concern among immigration advocates and officials. The migrants were reportedly given ankle monitors and instructed to show up for court hearings related to their asylum claims.

Officials in California have expressed concern about the lack of transparency surrounding the flight and the potential risks to the migrants involved. The California Attorney General’s office has stated that they are investigating the flight and have requested more information from federal immigration authorities.

The situation highlights ongoing concerns regarding immigration policy and the treatment of migrants seeking asylum in the United States. As more details emerge, officials and advocates are calling for greater transparency and action to address the needs of the migrants involved.