California woman makes run for Mexico border after shooting her boyfriend

SAN DIEGO, CA – In a case that’s been unfolding over the past four years, a 28-year-old woman has been apprehended on charges of first-degree murder. Sheila Brigitte Camarena was arrested for her alleged role in the 2020 killing of her former boyfriend, 33-year-old Mychael Blake Farve, in a late-night shooting incident, according to the San Diego police.

Police revealed that officers responded to a distressing 911 call in the early hours of a fall morning in 2020, alerting them to an assault with a deadly weapon located on the 4400 block of Euclid Avenue. The call led authorities to discover Farve, who was suffering from a gunshot wound. Farve was rushed to a hospital, but he was pronounced dead shortly after arrival.

As SVU detectives undertook the investigation, Camarena was deemed a person of interest by October 2020. Evidence and interviews indicated that Camarena confronted Farve, leading to the shooting. A warrant for her arrest was issued in early 2021.

For over three years, Camarena successfully evaded capture until being located and arrested at a U.S. Port of Entry situated a mere 15 miles from the site of the homicide. Camarena currently awaits trial in a local detention facility, with no option for bond, as per the latest reports.

The community mourns the loss of Farve, remembering him as a beloved figure and a devoted father. A GoFundMe campaign that generated $10,000 was created to support the young daughter Farve left behind.