“Carolina Panthers face tough decision in 2023 NFL draft: solve quarterback problem or trade back?”

Carolina Panthers Face Quarterback Conundrum Ahead of 2023 NFL Draft

The Carolina Panthers are facing a difficult decision ahead of the 2023 NFL Draft, with rumors swirling about the team’s quarterback situation. David Tepper, the team’s owner, has been working to find a solution to the team’s quarterback issues for years. However, despite his efforts, the team has yet to find a franchise quarterback.

According to rumors, the Panthers may be torn between top quarterback prospects if they decide to use the No. 1 overall pick in the 2023 NFL Draft. CBS Sports reports that the team may still trade back after acquiring the No. 1 pick, leaving them with a difficult decision to make.

The Panthers have been linked to several top quarterbacks in the 2023 draft class, including Matt Corral, Sam Howell, and Malik Willis. While all three quarterbacks have shown promise, it remains to be seen which one the Panthers will ultimately select.

Adding to the team’s issues, there have been rumors about the Panthers’ potential moves in free agency. Cat Crave reports that there are three concerning rumors going into the 2023 free agency period, adding further uncertainty to the team’s future.

The Panthers have a history of trading into the top five for quarterbacks, according to Queen City News. However, it remains to be seen whether the team will take that route again in 2023.

Overall, the Panthers are facing a challenging offseason as they look to solve their ongoing quarterback problem. Fans will have to wait and see which direction the team ultimately decides to go in as they prepare for the 2023 NFL Draft.