ChatGPT Faces Multiple Major Outages, Users Left in the Dark – What Happened Next Will Shock You!

San Francisco, California – After experiencing an outage during the early hours on Tuesday, OpenAI’s ChatGPT service faced another major disruption in the US during the daytime. Users reported issues with accessing the popular AI tool, prompting OpenAI to investigate the problem. The service became unavailable for some users, leading to thousands of complaints on Downdetector.

Users of ChatGPT’s mobile apps and web service were unable to receive replies for a significant period. However, OpenAI confirmed that the problem was resolved around 1:17PM ET. Concurrently, other AI tools like Google Gemini, Anthropic’s Claude AI, and Perplexity AI web search also faced issues. While Google Gemini and Claude AI were quickly restored, Perplexity AI confirmed the restoration of its AI search tool by 1:30PM ET.

This is not the first time ChatGPT has encountered major outages. A previous incident occurred in November, where the service was down for 90 minutes due to a DDoS attack, affecting OpenAI’s API services as well. However, the API remained unaffected during this latest disruption. In addition, a Microsoft outage last month also impacted ChatGPT’s search features alongside the company’s Copilot service.

As of June 4th, ChatGPT access has been fully restored, with reports of issues with other AI tools dwindling. The frequent outages plaguing ChatGPT and other AI services raise concerns about the stability and reliability of these technologies in everyday use. Users are left questioning the resilience of AI tools as integral components of various online platforms and services in an increasingly digital world.