Chicago Mayoral Election: 8 Candidates Face Off in Race to Tackle Crime and Racism

The Chicago mayoral election is likely to go to a runoff, with the winner being determined in a matter of weeks. The election has been a heated race with eight challengers, including Lori Lightfoot, who has suggested that Time Magazine is racist for not featuring her on the cover like Rahm Emanuel.

Polling stations opened on Tuesday morning with crime topping the list of concerns among Chicago voters. The field of candidates is diverse, with progressive leaders such as Garcia and Johnson hoping to make the runoff.

Lightfoot has been vocal in her criticism of the magazine, saying that it is indicative of a larger problem of racism in the media. She has also been vocal in her criticism of her opponents, saying that if Garcia or Johnson fail to make the runoff, they can blame themselves.

The election has been a hotly contested race, with the outcome still uncertain. The winner of the election will be determined in the coming weeks, with the runoff expected to take place sometime in April.