“China’s Foreign Minister Warns of Imminent Conflict with US, Defends Russia Ties – Is War Inevitable?”

China’s foreign minister Qin Gang has warned of a potential conflict with the United States and defended the country’s ties with Russia. In a recent press conference, Gang stated that China fully respects Middle East countries as masters of their own affairs but expressed concern over the current state of US-China relations. Gang warned that unless the US “hits the brake,” a conflict could occur.

Gang’s statements come after a series of warnings from China, expressing frustration with the current state of relations between the two nations. The Chinese government has accused the US of interfering in internal affairs and suppressing China’s rightful place on the world stage. Gang rejected this notion, stating that “suppressing China won’t make America great.”

The foreign minister’s comments were echoed by other Chinese officials, who expressed concern over the lack of a “rational path” in US-China relations. The officials stressed the importance of mutual respect and cooperation between the two nations, but warned that continued interference in internal affairs could lead to an escalation in tensions.

Despite the warnings, Chinese officials have maintained that they remain committed to their ties with Russia. Gang defended these ties, stating that they are based on mutual respect and cooperation, and that both nations share a common goal of promoting stability and prosperity.

As tensions between the US and China continue to rise, it remains to be seen whether the two nations can find a way to cooperate and avoid further conflict. For now, China’s foreign ministry has made it clear that they believe the ball is in the US’s court.