China’s Top Diplomat Visiting Russia as Wagner Group Claims Village in Ukraine War

The Ukraine War has been ongoing for the past seven years, with no end in sight. Recently, the Russian-backed Wagner Group has claimed to have captured a village near Bakhmut, according to NBC News.

The Wagner Group is a private military company that has been active in Ukraine since 2014, according to The Guardian. They have been accused of numerous human rights violations and have been linked to the Russian government.

Two former Wagner fighters recently recounted their experiences in eastern Ukraine to Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty. They described the horrors of battle and the fear they felt while fighting against Ukrainian forces.

China’s top diplomat, Wang Yi, is set to visit Russia this week to discuss the Ukraine War, according to CNBC. It is unclear what will be discussed, but it is likely that the two countries will discuss the situation in Ukraine and the role of the Wagner Group.

These recent developments have raised questions about the future of the Ukraine War and the role of the Wagner Group. It remains to be seen how these events will shape the conflict and the fate of those involved.

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