Chris Rock Finally Addresses Oscars Slap in Live Comedy Special for Netflix

Chris Rock Confronts Oscars Controversies in Live Comedy Special

In his latest Netflix stand-up special, comedian Chris Rock tackled some hot topics that have been causing a stir in Hollywood. Rock, who frequently hosts the prestigious Academy Awards, expressed his views on the infamous Oscars controversy that he himself was a part of a few years ago.

During his set, Rock referred to the incident as the “Oscars slap” and finally let loose on the matter. He claimed that he was criticized for not boycotting the Oscars when many other actors and actresses had decided to do so. The comedian explained that he felt that his presence at the event was important to represent the few people of color in the industry at the time.

Rock also addressed the “selective outrage” that has been prevalent in the entertainment industry, where some celebrities choose to speak out on certain issues while remaining silent on others. He used the example of Will Smith’s recent comments about being passed over for an Academy Award nomination in the 2016 film, “Concussion.”

Rock concluded his set by taking a dig at the recent drama surrounding Will and Jada Pinkett Smith’s marriage. The comedian joked that Jada’s entanglement with singer August Alsina hurt Will more than it hurt him.

Overall, Rock’s live comedy special was a thought-provoking and entertaining commentary on the controversies surrounding the Oscars and the entertainment industry as a whole.